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Hot Wax

Hot Wax is a special way to remove unwanted hair from different parts of your body. The person doing it uses a warm and sticky wax that is applied to the skin and then quickly removed to take out the hair.

  • Underarms – P350
  • Brazilian – P800
  • Bikini Line – P810
  • Buttocks – P480
  • Full Back – P950
  • Full Front – P1,100
  • Chest – P590
  • Lower Leg – P800
  • Full Legs – P1,100
  • Full Arms – P600
  • Half Arms – P500
  • Upper Lip – P380


  • Helps to remove hair from different parts of your body, making your skin feel smooth and clean.
  • Keeps your skin hair-free for a longer time compared to other methods, like magic hair removal.
  • Can make you feel confident and happy, like having smooth skin to show off!

Before and After

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