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Cauterization (Syringoma, Warts)

Cauterization is a special way to help remove tiny bumps called Skin Tags,  Syringomas, Moles, and Warts from your skin.


  • per area (less than 30 counts) – P1,500
  • per part (unlimited) – P3,000
  • Unlimted (Head to toe) – P6,000 


  • per area (less than 15 counts) – P1,500 
  • per part (unlimited) – P3,000 
  • Unlimted (Head to toe) – P6,000 


  • Skin Tag P250 

Mole Removal 

  • starts at P1,500 

All-in-package P15,000


  • Effective Removal
  • Quick Procedure: The process is fast, so you’ll be done before you know it
  • Minimal Discomfort: It’s not too painful, and the doctor will take good care of you.
  • Clear and Beautiful Skin: Cauterization helps make your skin look clearer and more beautiful by removing unwanted bumps and spots. It’s like a special magic trick that gives you smoother and nicer skin. After the treatment, you’ll feel more confident and happy with your skin’s new look!

Before and After

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