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Lipolaser pads - ₱ 1,500

Lipolaser pads are like magic lights that can help make your body feel better and look great! These pads have special tiny lights that are super gentle and safe.


  • Makes Fat Say Bye-Bye: The magical lights can talk to the fat in your body and make it go away. Just like a magic spell, the fat gets smaller, and you might feel a little lighter too.
  • Helps You Get Slimmer: When the fat says bye-bye, you might notice that your body looks slimmer and more awesome. It’s like wearing a superhero cape but for your body.
  • Feels Like a Relaxing Nap: Using lipo laser pads is so easy and cozy. You just lie down and relax while the magic lights work their wonders. It’s like taking a nap, but you get superpowers for your body!

Before and After

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