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Manicure - ₱ 330

A manicure is a special treatment for your hands and nails. It involves cleaning, shaping, and painting your nails to make them look nice and neat. It’s like having a little spa day for your hands!


  • Makes your hands look pretty and colorful, like a rainbow on your fingers.
  • Takes care of your nails and keeps them healthy. It helps prevent them from breaking or getting too long.
  • Feels relaxing and can make you feel pampered and special.
  • Gives you a chance to show off your beautiful nails to your friends and feel proud of them!

Before and After


  1. We only charge regular price if it is an additional service only.
  2. If you’re just getting your nails done at the clinic without any other services, you’ll be charged for the Nail Care Package.
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