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Swiss Facial- ₱ 4,400

The Swiss Facial – a skincare treatment blending plant stem cells with the good parts of Botox and fillers. It’s like a special spa day for your face!

Swiss Facial uses plant cells to make your skin look young and fresh. These plant cells help your skin renew itself, giving you a natural glow without any harsh stuff. Imagine getting the benefits of Botox and fillers without needles. Swiss Facial uses smart technology to make your skin smoother and reduce lines, all without the fuss of injections.

Treat yourself to a special experience with Swiss Facial. It’s like a mix of nature and high-tech skincare. Get ready to look and feel younger with Swiss Facial – because your skin deserves the best!


  • Youthful Glow: Swiss Facial gives your skin a natural and youthful radiance.

  • Smooth Fine Lines: Experience a reduction in fine lines without needles.

  • Enhances Volume: Enjoy  a plumper and lifted appearance without fillers.

  • Natural Ingredients: Crafted with plant-derived cells for a natural approach to skincare.

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